In Sumerian mythology, Enki appears as the last resort when everything else seems hopeless. He was shrewd, wise, inventive, cunning, and full of ideas. A problem-solver who disarms those who bring conflict and death to the world, Enki was the master shaper of the world and the god of wisdom and magic.

ENKI Consulting, LLC is an independent, international business intelligence and risk assessment consultancy offering premium, customized services that are based on tenets of discretion, reliability and timeliness in delivering actionable information.

ENKI Consulting, LLC specialize in providing private sector clients with business intelligence and risk assessment solutions for effective strategic planning in the international marketplace. We provide clients a competitive advantage by placing a strategic information gathering network at their disposal. With these resources on hand, clients are able to make better informed decisions with confidence.

Our collective experience represents a broad range of capabilities gained from working in diverse cultural and professional arenas. As such, geography is rarely a limiting factor in any assignment. Most importantly, ENKI operates with complete discretion, as maintaining privacy and confidentiality is a priority.

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